open-source-laptop-e1486975868968                             I don’t use mac,Ipad or even my phone much coz it was so limited where they have their own restrictions.How will a person like to work on piece of tech with all limited  on it.With no liberty to see the source code of it.Actually I really didn’t about this that deep Coz,I don’t even know STILL WHAT CAN I DO FOR IT?But recently I got to know about a contest introduced by Google.A contest introducing 13-17 year old pre-university students to open source software development.

I didn’t even acknowledge what is this about?But in our high school a workshop was conducted, in curiosity i joined it.that was the place where I came to know about this contest by Google called Google Code-In.A facilitator named Padmal who is a mentor from the one of the mentor organization called FOSSASIA contributing in this contest from Google representing his work place FOSSASIA.Mr.Padmal conducted our session.He is the person who really introduced the contest Google Code-In for us specially for me, and also he directed us to participate in that contest and created a impulsion on us.That is how I got to know about this contest as well as the solution for my rhetorical question.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAnnAAAAJDQ1ZjgwMjE2LTYxNDYtNDQ3Yy1iZGJmLWVjZTYwOWJjYjRkNQ (2)

And when thinking about that organization called FOSSASIA.This organization has helped me alot in knowing about Google Code-In as well as about open source coz, FOSSASIA is a organization which is Developing Open Source Software and Hardware to improve people’s lives. Solutions for Event Management, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Design Thinking and Free Knowledge Tools. FOSSASIA is Asia’s Premier Open Technology Organization.In this organization there are many projects from those I’m interested in some of their projects such as;


After that session I researched about Open source applications and I came to know that without my knowledge I had been using many applications which were designed as open source some of the applications that I was using with my acknowledgement were Firefox, VLC Media Player, Chromium not only that the webbite that I’m using to write my first blog which is this is also a Open source which is WordPress.And also i came to know that the common mobile operating system Android is also a Open source.The session was so useful for me some way.



The mentor organization FOSSASIA is the organization that I’m using to claim tasks for the contest Code-In.When claiming tasks in that contest from FOSSASIA sometimes tasks may be complex so I tried to communicate with the organization in that case GitHub,Gitter and Twitter were the communication channels which helped me to communicate with the organization.

In the contest I liked Google Summer of Code therefore I participated in it and I like many other projects of FOSSASIA which were mentioned above and I also like to involve in Robotics which is the future.Through this organization FOSSASIA I was able to participate in the open source community So,I thank the facilitator Padmal and this Organization in this Blog.

FOSSASIA WEBSITE :-                                                                                         CONTACT :-




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